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ProCare Network (personal assistance program)

ProCare Network helps employers retain employees, increase productivity, and boost workplace morale. ProCare Network is a Personal Assistance Program for employees and their families designed to help reduce stress and ease the balance between work and personal responsibilities. It offers special access, personalized services, and discounted pricing from a network of over forty professional and service firms.

Easy access to a network of valuable services gives employees more quality time for their work and personal activities. All employees are provided a ProCare Membership Card and Benefits Kit. The Membership Card is used to access services within the network. We provide orientation sessions and over seventy free seminars.

Personalized Services… All employees have personal errands, chores and planning which they don’t have time to handle by themselves. They’re pressed for time at work in addition to supporting family activities and volunteer organizations. The ProCare program has been designed to help employees address their “to do” list with minimal disruption to work and other activities.

Special Access… employees can quickly get assistance through the ProCare Call Center or Website. They receive prompt and courteous assistance from a network of quality resources. If the task requires support from our network of partner firms, ProCare’s staff will make all of the arrangements.

Pricing Discounts… ProCare partner firms offer discounts on their products and services.

Service Areas include the following.

Home Build/Buy/Sell Service: discounts, upgrades, rebates, free home advisor, credit repair, “free money” analysis, use ANY Realtor or Builder


Services Delivered to Work-Place: meals (hot & cold), dry cleaning/ laundry, clothing alterations, shoe repair/shine, car wash/detailing

Personal Assistant: local & national event tickets, personal chef, bill paying, errands, limo/van/bus, schedule home maintenance, city info

Counseling: stress, family/marital problems, depression, substance abuse

Housing: mortgages, maintenance, movers, realtors

Travel: travel arrangements, special packages & deals, hotels, restaurants

Financial: investments, banking, tax, insurance, mortgages

Heath & Emergency: medical, behavioral health, emergency resources

Family: child care, senior

Chronic Disease Resource and Education (Kiosk & PC)

This is a program based upon an interactive computer system which could be deployed at any site with Internet access. Initially the system enables Spanish or English speaking patients with diabetes to interface with English speaking physicians and nurses. The system allows them to access diabetes education specific to their needs and preferences. The system is designed so that it may be used by patients with low literacy, as it has an option for voice communications with a touch screen tablet to capture the patient’s inputs.

The system architecture is Web-based allowing remote access (e.g., home or clinic) using a wireless or wired network and is readily extensible to other chronic diseases such as asthma, congestive heart failure or arthritis. The system incorporates recent advances in both microcomputer technology and software that apply rule-decision algorithms to provide "intelligent," customized interactions for each patient.