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Business Profile

HNI provides Personal Assistance Services that help people solve a broad range of health and work-life issues. We help people make better, timelier decisions, quickly access quality professional services, and, thereby, achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives. Utilization of these services saves money for employers, while employees are able to simplify some parts of their personal lives by accessing high-quality services which save them time and money.

To effectively deliver services, HNI develops and acquires Internet-based software that helps health care and commercial organizations proactively interact with consumers. These tools improve the ability of organizations to rapidly identify the needs of consumers and to effectively serve them over time.

Business Significance

Work-Life Balance

People have less and less time to deal with important, sensitive family issues. This rapidly growing need is highlighted in a recent U.S. study by the Family and Work Institute:
  • married couples with both spouses working is increasing, almost 80%
  • over 20 million Americans are already caring for children and parents
  • elder care is a looming demographic tidal wave -- 42% of workers expect to provide elder care in the next 5 years
  • jobs are more demanding -- 88% report working "very hard" and 68% "very fast"
These factors result in many people having to take time away from their jobs and often lead to poor job performance and significant costs for their employers (e.g., absenteeism, turnover, accidents, errors, sick leave and health care utilization.)

Employers must have competitive benefits to attract and retain top employees. Providing work-life benefit services to employees improves morale and their quality of life by helping employees to balance the challenging demands of work and personal life.

Aging and Chronic Disease

Health care expenditures are a significant, growing problem for virtually every country. The global aging of the population combined with increasing longevity is resulting in more people living to ages when chronic diseases are a major concern and a rapidly growing social cost. This growing population of "seniors" is also often faced with making important lifestyle decisions, such as whether they are capable of staying in their own home or need to move to a facility where some level of care is provided.

Products & Services

ProCare Network (personal assistance program)

ProCare Network is a Personal Assistance Program for employees and their families designed to help reduce stress and ease the balance between work and personal responsibilities. It offers special access, personalized services, and discounted pricing from a network of professional and service firms.

Easy access to a network of valuable services gives employees more quality time for their work and other personal activities. All employees are provided a ProCare Membership Card and Benefits Kit. The Membership Card is used to access services within the network. HNI provides orientation sessions and over fifty free seminars.

ProCare Network is a unique personal assistance program that is delivered by local, knowledgeable, high-quality organizations that not only educate and counsel but also provide a broad range of personalized products and services. Employees are provided counseling and support through a call-center, Web-site and face-to-face interactions. Network Member services cover the areas of behavioral health, housing, concierge, financial management, legal affairs, senior care, child care and more.

Chronic Disease Resource and Education (Kiosk & Web-Based)

Web-based system enables persons to obtain education specific to their needs and preferences, review personal data and gain access to health care professionals. The initial program focuses on diabetes.


Business activities focus on the U.S. markets. While individuals are the primary customers for HNI's products and services, businesses and other organizations (government or private) purchase work-life and disease management services for their employees or members.


HNI directly markets and co-markets its products and services in the U.S. The primary co-marketing partners of HNI are firms selling various types of employee benefit services to employers. Many of these firms are service providers of the ProCare Network program.


Messrs. George E. Baumer and Donald C. Neel. The principals worked together over two decades at Eli Lilly & Company. The breadth of their expertise covers global health care, business management, operations, and information technology.

Software Development

The critical elements of HNI's software development are building or acquiring Internet-based software components and creating the proprietary rules/guidelines that form the basis for HNI's "intelligent" systems. The common thread running through HNI's software is the concept of "intelligent interaction". HNI is building a general-purpose set of software components for conducting interactions with end-users. These interactions range in complexity from simple, question-and-answer surveys to complex, rule-directed sessions. In each case, a dialogue is conducted, in which we gather facts from, and supply feedback to, the user.

HNI's Web development platforms are Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages (ASP), which are components of Windows 2003 Server. Software applications are structured as a collection of object-oriented components, programmed in Visual C++ and Visual Basic for the Windows environments. Microsoft's ActiveX standard is employed for re-use of components across applications. Relational DBMS's such as Access, SQL Server and Oracle, are used for persistent storage. The component architecture of HNI's products makes it possible for them to inter-operate with third-party applications such as the Microsoft Office suite and other specialized tools.